The Prior Learning Assessment Workgroup, convened by WSAC, held its fourth annual statewide PLA Conference Friday November 21st at Clover Park Technical College in Tacoma. The Conference focus was on Veterans – development and implementation of policies for awarding credit for training and education completed in the military.

Over 110 participants from all sectors across Washington attended. Dr. Joyce Loveday, Vice President of Instruction at Clover Park, welcomed us to campus. Mark San Souci summarized SB 5969 passed this year that requires all colleges to develop policies for accepting military credit. Laura Bach representing WSAC presented the VA perspective on utilizing benefits and how this intersects with PLA. A panel presentation with representatives from Pierce College, Olympic College, City University, and UW Tacoma provided examples of current practice serving Veterans on their campuses and responded to questions.

Participants were encouraged to attend as ‘teams’ that represented instruction, administration, and Veterans Services. Teams met and discussed poster board presentations brought by campuses that described how they are implementing PLA services for Vets.

Afternoon sessions kicked off with a presentation by Jaime Clarke and Sarah Steidl of Clackamas Community College in Oregon. The American Council of Education recommended Clackamas for their ‘best practices’ in serving Veterans and their presentation created an opportunity to compare our work with that from another state.

The final session of the day provided an opportunity for participants to attend one of two tracks to discuss either ‘The Joint Service Transcript, ACE Guides, and Crosswalk Development’ or ‘Steps to Developing a Policy to Meet the Requirements of SB 5969.’ The Work Shop concluded with summary presentations from each track’s discussions for the group.

Following are power point presentations and supporting documents from the Conference. Start with the Agenda to see an overview of materials.


PLA Presentation

The VA Perspective Presentation- Laura Bach

Clackamas CC Presentation

CTC Develop Coding Parameters for Non-Traditional Learning

Summary of Bill 6357 5969

Final Bill Report SSB 5969

PLA School Webpage Search

Notes from the Policy Development Conversation Breakout

Notes from the JST Conversation Breakout