After reviewing our 4th annual conference we worked on workgroup objectives for 2015. Also posted is a spreadsheet describing some research we did on the accessibility of PLA information on campuses.

One objective came from suggestions by conference participants – a workshop to develop crosswalks or articulations of ACE guide recommended courses with current courses in WA in order to meet the requirements of SSB 5969.

I called the American Council on Education this week and discussed this possibility. Mary Beth Lakin, Director of College and University Partnerships; Christopher Johnson from Western Region ACENet; and Bridget Petzold from Southern Region ACENet discussed ideas. Bridget has done similar workshops for faculty in the Georgia system where they work together, review courses from their campuses and compare to ACE guide recommendations to develop articulations.

They are developing a proposal now that could include:
  • A survey to see where our campuses are now in order to make the best use of time at the workshop
  • Webinars previously produced by ACE to lay the foundation of how the Joint Services Transcript works, how ACE recommendations are made, how other states might be using this information
  • Pre-work is assigned to faculty and staff so they are prepared to tackle real work for their campuses at the workshop.
  • The course focus is to be determined by participants. Other groups have focused on Healthcare and IT articulations from military credit to college courses. Other suggestions could include commonly numbered courses in our system.
  • Participants would bring their curriculum and laptops (internet connection required).
  • Following the hands on workshop, participants are asked what they will do when they go back to campus in order to implement suggestions.
  • The conference in November would then focus on follow-up – what has been done with this work.

They should have a proposal to us in the beginning of January. Stay tuned.

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