2011 Annual PLA Workshop


Meeting Materials

Voice-over PowerPoint Presentation, created by Walter Hudsick, Cascadia Community College
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Primary Point of Contact Meeting

The first recommendation of the Work Group established in 2010 by SSB 6357 was identification of a Primary Point of Contact (PPC) on every campus for students interested in Prior Learning Assessment. In 2010, fewer than half the institutions surveyed in Washington were able to identify a primary point of contact for PLA.

As of November 2011, at least one PPC was identified for colleges and universities in Washington:
  • 42 Community and Technical Colleges
  • 10 Public Baccalaureates
  • 29 Private Baccalaureates (including both for-profit and non-profit institutions).

In addition, the Work Group has 68 members representing all sectors that also are points of contact for information regarding PLA.

The Work Group convened the first gathering of all PPCs on November 15, 2011. Colleges and universities were encouraged to send teams of participants that included PPCs, faculty, and representatives of enrollment services units that process and record PLA credits. 93 participants attended this full-day conference where Work Group members shared progress of the Work Group, informed campus representatives of current practices and future plans, reviewed the cost analyses and proposals, learned of mechanisms for creating articulation agreements and of crosswalk development by the Centers of Excellence and Veterans programs, and found resources for continued support (e.g. website development). Teams of participants identified which recommendations they would implement first on their campus and the first action they would take. Information about the meeting is provided below.